Frequently asked questions

Q. Do Flip Top Plates have a top and bottom?

Nope! Every Flip Top Plate is a Top AND a Bottom. They're universal!/Identical. You can make any 2 plates join together to form a container.

Q. How many  Flip Top Plates should I buy for my event?

It depends on your event. From our consumer testing we observed an average of 20% of the food is not consumed. We recommend buying 20% more plates then guests. Example: 100 guests = 120 plates.

Q. Are Flip Top Plates eco-friendly?

Absolutely. Flip Top Plates are made of PET Plastic which is 100% recyclable. Paper plates on the other hand, generally can not be recycled, have chemical compounds that can penetrate food, and/or are coated in non-recyclable resins, plus contribute to deforestation. Please check out our link for additional info on this subject.

Still have questions?

Q. How are Flip Top Plates helping the economy?

Circular Economy:  <--That is a different type of economy than the question asks.  Here is good answer though-Environmental waste is the best proxy for identifying and eliminating economic waste.

Q. Do Flip Top Plates seal?

Flip Top Plates provide maximum security and prevent opening during transportation, but do not make an air tight seal. We don't recommend them for liquids, mainly for solid foods.

Q. Are Flip Top Plates Microwave safe?

Is anything really safe after you put it in the microwave?? Its controversial. PET plastic (The good stuff), deforms when it exceeds 140F degrees. Paper plates release chemicals and toxins into your food but "stay intact". AKA play it safe and just keep disposable plates out of the microwave.