What are Flip Top Plates?

FLIP TOP P‍‍‍LATES - Coming Soon

We have created a solution for your party leftovers. These new disposable plates can lock together to create a easy to-go container. Please be patient with us, once our inventory arrives all the link buttons here will be active. Check back or subscribe to our mailing list to get the latest updates

‍‍‍‍‍‍Plates Reinv‍‍‍ented

Based on the current disposable pl‍‍‍ate options we have available to us at the stores, there is no plate that can be used to lock together and cover your food with the convenience and ease as these provide. We're here to change all that with your support.‍‍‍

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Love this...it's been a brilliant idea ahead of it's time!!! But now it's time!!!

Obie Diaz (Facebook C‍‍‍omment)

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So many uses!‍‍‍

The plates can be used to store food, cover food from pesky bugs and birds, used as a handy storage for pencils or other craft items, great for large crowded events so nobody will sneeze or spill drinks when passing by, piece of mind if you need to leave your food unattended while taking a relief break, saves on storage space since tops and bottoms are in same stack, great to send out and use for disaster relief situations.

  • Food Storage  
  • General storage
  • Birthday parties
  • No need for containers
  • Everyday eating and storing

The p‍‍‍ossibilities are limitless we even used one to make rain cover for the bird feeder.

Watch how easy it is to use

Once locked, it its secured. This lock feature lets you open them with ease, no worrying about contents jumping out at you.

Coming to a store near you soon.‍‍‍



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